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Food grease spray

Food grease spray

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Base lubricant 100% synthetic, with PTFE, liquid, multipurpose for general high performance greasing.


- Particularly useful in the food industry, where NSF H-1 lubricant oils are required for possible incidental contact with food. It contains micronized PTFE in dispersion that provides excellent lubricant capacity, significantly reducing the friction between the surfaces in contact.

- Also applicable at those points where a clean lubricating oil is required: white and odorless. Synthetic 100%, for use in a wide range of temperatures: both below zero, up to - 45 ºC, and at high temperature, up to over 200 ºC.

- For chains, shafts, bolts, guides, bearings and other mechanisms, with moderate loads.


- Non-toxic.

- Excellent lubricant capacity due to its synthetic nature.

- Prevents corrosion and dirt in dirty, damp or aggressive environments.

- Its liquid nature provides excellent penetrating properties.

- High dielectric properties.

- Very high performance compared to conventional lubricants.



The aerosol has a total volume of  520 c.c.

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Food grease spray

Food grease spray

Food grease spray

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