Barrel washer

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B.R.A. Standard


The manual barrel washers can be connected to any high pressure cleaning machine
The cleaning jet head with tridimensional rotation gets to any point or any corner. The aspiration tube and foot, ajustable in function to the barrel size, aspires all the dirty water during the cleaning process.

This equipment can be used to clean piled barrels. 

How it works:
Thanks to the simultaneous movement in all the revolving axles we cover in 360º all the internal area of the barrel, for which, each interior edge and corner of the barrel are cleaned properly. This garantees a more productive, efficient and economic internal cleaning.

The barrel washers B.R.A. work with a cleaning spray head with tridimensional rotation, impulsed by an electric motor.

Working system of the manual barrel washers:
An integrated injection system in the equipment generates vacuum with the help of the pressure water cleaning, by means of the vacuum generated,  the equipment aspires the dirty water produced during the cleaning.

Once the cleaning is over, the entrance of the cleaning head is shut by means of a ball valve, keeping the vacuum which continues  emptying the water that is still inside the barrel.

The barrel washers can be connected to any kind of high pressure cleaning machine o to any cleaning pump system ( We advice that a minimum of 13 Litres/min power to guarantee a correct aspiration).

The barrel washers with rigid aspiration tube can be adapted to extensions for the different barrel dimensions.

Stainless steel 304 / Brass *
Transmission motor  230    V, 17 Rev/Min.
Protection motor cover in stainless steel.
Minimum size of the barrel eye Ø 37 mm.
Equiped with a size handle, stand for the barrel and fasteners for the barrel eye  Ø 37/56 mm.
Water pressure entrance: M22x1,5
Dirty water exit Ø 16 mm.
Heads 2x,  fan jet  5º.

-    For barrels placed in line or moveable  225 L a 600 L
-    Comfortable usage thanks to the barrel support and its handle

-   Different options for motor tension.

-    Aspiration foot with ball bearing.

B.R.A Reference Flex
Differences are:
Flexible aspiration tube

For piled barrels 225 L/ 228 L
- Compact construction thanks to the angular transmission and the flexible aspiration tube.   

- Aspiration foot mounted with ball bearings.

B.R.A. Simplex
-   For barrels placed in line or moveable 225 L to 600 L

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Barrel washer

Barrel washer

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