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Nomacorc synthetic corks

Normacorc synthetic corks

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Normacorc Synthetic corks

The technology that preserves your wine.      


•  There is NO cork flavour.  
•  There is NO dripping.
  Controlled oxidation.  
  Similar wine evolution in every bottle.       
  It uses standard bottling equipment.      
•  The bottles may be positioned vertically or if necessary lied down at the moment of bottling without any leaks
Similar appearance to natural cork.      
Classic cork-screwers used.
Internal structure totally homogeneous, thanks to the exclusive system of coextrusion that makes it different to other synthetic corks.     
The production process is done in line, which makes that all the corks are identical, and thanks to this, the further wine evolution  in the bottle is also identical.       


Diametre mm.

37 mm. Standard


37 mm. Beveled


43 mm. Standard


43 mm. Beveled


The price of this product depends on the amount bought

We also have corks in different colour



nomacorc® is a co-extruded cork for quiet wines, very elastic formed by polymeres, with medium density and chemically motionless. 

  • It does not produce bad flavours, it doesn't break and it doesn't desintegrate.
  • Solid insertions and clean process.
  • Long term excellent bottle sealing , with no leaks.
  • Storage can be faced up or down after 24 hours bottled.
  • Traditional appearance and sensation.
  • Smooth and calm drawing.
  • Inorganic materiales unable to lodge TCA.

Foam- How to make a good foam?

A constant and controlled casting temperature.

Constant and controlled pressure.

A constant pore size and density.

Foam co-extrusion  (ex.: nomacorc)

Nomacorc uses a two phase co-extrusion process.

Temperature and pressure are constant during the process.

The controlled growth of the cells have as a result a foam which cells are distributed evenly.

The sides and the size of the cells are even and predictable.

It easens the use of different types of materials, both for the outer layer as for the nucleus.

The process creates a protection for the controlled O2  evaporation.

The tops offer the closest behaviour possible to a traditional cork without getting contaminated with TCA, and without producing an incontrolled oxidation.

Related subjects with other tops made by inyection moulds.

Thermic processing cycle of temperature changes, from hot to cold.

Great pressure variations ( including  inside a small batch).

As a result: great variations in cell dispersion and size.

A foam that looks like “gruyere” cheese.

Limited options in material selection to improve the features performance.

The process is NOT  constant in the O2 evaporation protection.

There is NO guarantee of protection in presence of incontrolled oxidation.  

Extraction strength is higher.


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 Nomacorc synthetic corks

Nomacorc synthetic corks

Normacorc synthetic corks

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